Following the inaugural BC Cancer Foundation Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2009 a small group of friends decided to ride back to Vancouver from Seattle in one day. That first ride was dedicated to Sindi Hawkins and her on-going battle with leukaemia. Funds raised were directed to Sindi's Education Endowment at the BC Cancer Foundation.

For 2010, the Journey Home ride will fund the development of an education and early detection program in the name of Michael Reinhold Meier who passed away in September 2009, six days shy of his 26th birthday. He faced a short, but very intense battle with cancer which nobody saw coming. We need to change that. The Journey Home and www.letsFcancer.com are working together to support an education program to bring about that change.

While we may not see a “cure” for cancer in our lifetimes, early detection is one simple way to prevent a lot of suffering and save a lot of lives. This can only be achieved by increasing education, which is why raising awareness is just as important as raising funds. Educating people on how to prevent cancer through lifestyle choices in diet, exercise, knowing their cancer risk profile, recognizing the earliest warning signs, and navigating and taking ownership of their own health and bodies is the road we see this program taking. Our goal is to have society looking for cancer instead of finding it, which can often be the difference between life and death

The reality is that education costs money. However, unlike research, it doesn’t cost billions. We can run a lean and effective movement where every dollar raised makes a difference. So how will we use donations received? Funds received will go towards educational information to teach people how to be “medical consumers” through the calls to action. This will be achieved through traditional media, social media, and thoughtful on-the-ground campaigns that resonate with target demographics.

Why F Cancer?

For 2010 the Journey Home has chosen to partner with letsFcancer.com One question we’re often asked is, “why ‘F’ Cancer”? Isn’t that a little crude? Won’t that turn some people off? Doesn’t that limit the scope of your campaign?”

Fuck Cancer is intended as an affront to the disease, not your sense of decency. It’s not sexual, it’s not violent, it’s defiant. Because cancer doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect. That said, we understand the language isn’t for everybody, nor is it appropriate in every situation.  And of course it’s OK to call it “F Cancer” as well. The important thing is we do it, and that we believe it.

No matter what you think of the semantics of the message, please take a few minutes to learn more about it and share it with everyone you know.