Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Outlook on Life

Today has an interview with Christian which in part discusses the loss of Michael and the effect it has had on him.

Do not assume for one moment that Christian Meier’s innocent baby face translates to an aversion for hard work or that the 24-year-old Canadian hasn’t already experienced his share of life’s hardship. In Garmin-Transitions’ second-year recruit, VeloNews discovers an individual of quiet, burning ambition, who believes the tragic loss of a family member may well lead to a life both far from ordinary and highly rewarding.

VN: Speaking about something so not great, I understand your brother passed away recently. I know I’m stating the bleeding obvious, but it must be an incredibly difficult aspect to deal with.

CM: My brother passed away during the Vuelta, so I left (the race) four days shy of finishing. He lost a battle with cancer, which was quite short and intense – about six months in total – so that was a tough time for the family, and I went home to be with them. I came back and wanted to finish off the season highly motivated. It kind of motivated me, and gave me a new reality of my situation and how lucky I am to be healthy and living such an amazing lifestyle being a cyclist, doing what I love to do and traveling the world and living in Spain. That really hits home when something like that happens.

VN: Cycling is often about struggling through adversity, so there are possibly elements with what you experienced with the loss of your brother and what you will experience in your future years as a bike rider.

CM: For me, it puts pain in a new perspective. For all cyclists, it’s so temporary compared to what people with cancer have to deal with. Our pain lasts for a few hours a day – you go home, you put your feet up, have some dinner, life’s good – whereas for them, the struggle doesn’t end. If they’re lucky and they’re fortunate, they overcome the battle; for others, it can be long and drawn out and they still lose the battle. For us (cyclists), we struggle every day but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it’s like what a lot of people have to go through.

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