Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Special Incentive: Sneak Peek #14

We are awed by the generosity of members of the pro peloton, past and present, who are donating items for our special incentive gifts. Some of these have very special significance to their owners; today's is a perfect example - Gord Fraser's 2004 HealthNet National Champion's jersey.

Here's an excerpt from the note Gord sent along with the jersey: "The jersey has a little BC flavor and very special meaning to me... During my long career, I had never won a National Championship of any kind. When I traveled to Kamloops in '04 to contest the Nationals, it had double meaning and importance as it served for that year's Olympic Trials. The day before while pre-riding the course my hopes and aspirations suffered a severe set back.  Seeing the incredibly difficult nature of the course almost made me pack up and fly home right there; the course could not have been worse suited for me.  Adding to my self doubts while standing at the top of the climb, a team rolled up and started laughing that I had traveled all the way up there for nothing. I laughed with them of course but deep down I was all but defeated...Well, the race came and I rode one of the best races of my career.  Not only did I win and punch my ticket to Athens but I finally got to wear that National Champion Jersey... something I had dreamed of since I was 15 years old..."

Thanks for sharing with us Gord. Check out all available donation incentives the Donation Gifts page.

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